User Agreement


This Agreement defines the conditions and rules for using the
website for the purpose of the intended use of the Site. The agreement is concluded between you (hereinafter referred to as the User) and

Sp. z O. O. ESRS-100 (hereinafter referred to as the Administration) and regulates all methods of using the Site, its “subdomains” that are at the disposal and in
management of the Administration, all types of services provided by the Administration thanks to the Site.

1. General Provisions

1.1. The site provides Users with offers from Partners who
have entered into an agreement with the Administration on advertising financial services through providing loans online using the Internet.
Also on the Site there may be bonus programs and promotions offered by Partners,

advertising and information materials (hereinafter referred to as the Services).

1.2. The website performs the functions of an online platform
that advertises the services of Partners (Advertisers) for providing loans online with using the Internet. Sp. z O. O. ESRS-100 (Site Administration) is not a financial organization
or bank and does not carry out activities for the provision of financial lending services.

1.2.1 Services are provided to Users of the Site in accordance with this User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement).

1.3. Use of the Site indicates the User’s accession to this Agreement in full and confirms his agreement with the above below conditions.

1.4. Use of the Site is permitted only to a person who has accepted all the terms of this Agreement.

1.5. The User must carefully read the terms of this Agreement before using the Site.

1.6. If you do not agree with the terms of this Agreement (in whole or in part), then you cannot be granted the rights of a User of the Site,

You are also prohibited from using the Site including, but not limited to, any information posted on the Site and any Services that are provided within the Site.

1.7. The conditions defined in this Agreement apply to all Users of the Site.

1.8. This Agreement is an agreement to join an Offer. By visiting our Site and using its Services, you fully accept the terms and conditions
of this Agreement, confirm that you have read them and undertake obligations to comply with them.

2. Definition of terms

2.1. Administration - (owner of the Site) performs certain administrative functions of monitoring the functioning of the Site, server,
equipment and programs, is engaged in the “promotion” of the Site, keeps traffic statistics, performs the duties of a content manager, monitors
timely updating of information.

2.2. User is an individual who is fully capable in accordance with the legislation of the country of his citizenship, who uses
The Site for the purpose of receiving financial services from Partners whose advertisements are posted on the Site.

2.3. User Agreement - this Agreement, as well as all subsequent changes and additions to it.

2.4. Information on the Site - any information posted on the Site, including information (advertising materials, messages, data) regardless
on the form of their presentation, the results of intellectual activity, as well as other data. Use of information on the Site by any means
is permitted only subject to the restrictions established by law and this Agreement.

2.5. Information messages - any information, including marketing, that does not contradict the law, which can
provided to Users solely for information purposes.

2.6. A website is a collection of web pages located on the Internet, united by a single theme, design and a single address space
domain, containing information on the Site that is created, collected or processed by the Administration,
contained in the information system, ensuring the availability of such information on the Internet at the network address

2.7. Use of the Site - the use of the Site for its functional purpose permitted by this Agreement, in particular, downloading pages of the Site and use of its resources and services.

2.8. Registration on the Site is a free, voluntary procedure on the part of the User, which consists of replenishing the database
Users with information about the new User and granting him the right to use the Site. Registration includes provision
The user provides reliable information about himself by filling out the Lead Form.

2.9. Partners - any individuals or legal entities associated with the Administration through contractual relationships who are granted the right
to place on the site advertising their services and information that does not contradict the legislation and purposes of the Site, as well as whose Information messages
(including Information messages published on their behalf or in their interests) may be displayed and/or sent to Users on mobile phone number or email.

2.10. Cookie is a piece of data generated by the Site and stored in the User’s computer (browser) in the form of one or more
files. Cookies do not contain Personal Data and can be blocked by the User at any time.

3. Subject of the Agreement

3.1. The Administration allows the User to view and download information from the Site solely for their own purposes and for personal non-commercial use.
It is prohibited to modify the materials on the Site or distribute them for any other purpose. Any use of information from the Site on other sites, resources or computer networks. PROHIBITED.

3.2. The information and Services that the User receives through the Site are provided only for the purposes provided for in this Agreement.

3.3. The information and Services that the User receives through the Site may be used by the User to obtain services,
provided by Partners whose services are advertised on the Site.

3.4. In accordance with this Agreement, the User guarantees that he will use the Site only for his own needs,
decisions are made by the User impartially and independently, and responsibility for all consequences of such a decision lies solely with the User.

3.5. The User is solely responsible for the evaluation and personal perception of the information received from the Site and the use or misuse of such information at your own discretion.

3.6. The user is responsible for compliance with the laws regarding legal capacity that apply to the receipt of services, that are advertised on the Site.

3.7. The Site contains links to other websites or resources of Partners. The administration is not responsible for such websites and resources,
in particular, regarding their accessibility, as well as the legality, completeness and correctness of the information disseminated on them.

3.8. The intended use of the Site is to obtain information about the services of Partners,
participate in events and promotions that are intended to provide The user has the opportunity to receive information about the possible benefits of
cooperation (without setting their limits, but without guaranteeing no amount of such benefits).

4. Procedure for gaining access to the Site

4.1. In order to gain access to the Site, the User registers on Website in Lead Form.

4.2. To register to enter the Site, the User fills out the Lead Form after reading and accepting the terms of this agreement and the Policy
confidentiality and protection of personal data, which is annex to this agreement.

4.3. The User agrees that his registration data is true, accurate and current, and undertakes to immediately update your registration information if it changes.

4.4. After registration, in order to gain full access to information and Site Services, the User is obliged to provide the Administration Site the requested information.

4.5. The User agrees that the data and information provided by him/her are true, accurate and current, and
undertakes to promptly update these data and information if they change.

4.6. Removal of a User from the Site by the Administration does not require special explanations from the Administration.

4.7. The Administration has the right, at its discretion, to limit the access of Users
who have not confirmed their status to certain sections of the Site, and also limit the ability to use the Site.

5. Rights and obligations of Users and Administration

5.1. The User and the Administration, when using the Site, undertake to comply with current legislation and the rules given below.

5.2. Rights and obligations of the User

5.2.1. The User may use the Site solely within the limits of those rights and in the ways established by this Agreement and
other rules posted by the Administration on the Site.

5.2.2. The User has the right to use the Site subject to the following restrictions and rules:

- use of an account on the Site can be carried out exclusively by the User personally;

5.2.3. The user is prohibited from:
- forge headers or perform other manipulation to bypass restrictions established for access to the Site;
- attempt to circumvent any protective technological measures associated with the use of the Site;
- send, upload, transmit or otherwise distribute traffic influencing tools, as well as chains, pyramids, advertising or spam;
- collect information about other Users, including personal and contact information;
- use the Site to carry out any business activity or any activity aimed at generating income.
- download, store, publish information on the Site from other Internet resources, as well as copy, distribute and provide
access to information on the Site by third parties who are not Users of the Site;
- upload, store, publish, distribute and provide access to and otherwise use viruses and any other malicious programs;
- use the Site for other purposes, instead of those specified in this Agreement.

5.3. Rights and obligations of the Administration

5.3.1 The administration has the right, but not the obligation, to take any of the following actions without warning:
- study statistics on use of the Site;
- stop and restrict access of a User who has violated the terms of use of the Site;
- establish new conditions for using the Site;
- determine the content of the Site, the information contained on the Site, the Services provided to Users;
- use the User’s personal data by any means provided for by law to improve the operation of the Site.

5.3.2. The administration undertakes:
- be impartial in making decisions regarding Users;
- maintain the Site in working order;
- take the necessary organizational and technical measures to protect the personal data of Users (if provided by the User)
from unauthorized and unlawful or accidental access to them, destruction, distortion, blocking, copying, distribution personal data;
- comply with the Privacy Policy and protection of personal data of Users;
- in case of provision of the User’s personal data in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the protection personal data and terms of use of the Site, monitor the legality of their use.

6. Disclaimer of Warranties

6.1. The Administration does not guarantee that the Services on the Site meet the personal expectations and requirements of Users and/or will unquestioningly bring the result expected by the User.

6.2. The Administration is not responsible to Users and third parties for possible consequences of their use of the Site.

6.3. The administration is not responsible for the accuracy of information posted by Partners.

6.4. Users agree that they use the Site at their own risk and responsibility.

6.5. The administration is not responsible for any losses (including loss of money, connections or reputation, potential profit, other
intangible losses, any special or indirect losses) caused including, but not limited to, due to:
- misunderstanding by the User of the procedure for using the Site, information on it, interpretation of information at his own discretion or impossibility use the Site to its fullest extent;
- errors or inaccuracies in the content;
- delays or interruptions in our services;
- errors or inaccuracies of any kind in the Services on the Site;
- actions or inactions of third parties.

6.6. The Administration is also not responsible for damage caused to the User’s computer equipment or other property, and
also for possible infection with viruses, loss of data due to the User visiting the Site, using the Site and information,
downloading of information by the User, and is not liable in connection with the above. The Company reserves the right to terminate
operation of this Site at any time without warning and without incurring any obligations in connection with this.

Appendix to the User Agreement (Offer)

Privacy and personal data protection policy

Sp. z O.O.ESRS-100 (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) complies with the basic principles listed below.

I. Relevance: Knowing the expectations of the company's audience is a key element in continuously improving the quality of our programs.

This is the reason why the company processes personal data.

II. Transparency: Confidentiality of personal data is the highest priority for the company.
As a result, the Company reports Users about the purpose of data processing. If necessary, the company obtains the consent of Users.

III. Security: the security of personal data is the highest priority for the Company. The company accepts all necessary
technical and organizational measures. In addition, the company does not sell or distribute any data.

IV. Freedom of choice: Users voluntarily use the content and services posted on the Site, including the services of the Company’s Partners.

General provisions

The Company considers it important to provide its Users with information about what personal data is processed and for what purpose. and in what cases.

The Company reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time. Due to
It is therefore recommended that you regularly re-read the text of this statement on confidentiality and personal data protection. Last date changes are listed at the bottom of this privacy statement.

Definition of personal data

Personal data is the details of an identifiable or non-identifiable natural person, i.e. name, address, telephone number, date of birth or email address.

Cases when personal data is processed for the Site Personal data intended for registration on the Site and registration via a link on the websites of Partners is processed in the specified context.

Website: Personal data is processed through log files, cookies, analytical tools, contact forms and
social network plug-ins and other providers, including mobile operators and Internet technology platforms,
on which the Site may be advertised.
Purposes of processing personal data
• Ensuring accessibility of the Site for Users.
• Optimization of the Website (marketing research, audience assessment, etc.).
• Sending marketing and advertising messages to a mobile phone number and/or email.
• Data protection of Site Users.
Receipt, processing and protection of personal data of Users by Company Partners is carried out in accordance with their Policies privacy notices published on their websites.
Legal grounds for the processing of personal data by the Company Obtaining the User's consent to the processing of personal data serves as the legal basis for such processing.
In addition, the processing of personal data is carried out on the basis of the legitimate interests of the company. This applies to processing data in order to provide access to the Site Services and the services of Partners and their optimization.
Transfer of personal data to third parties
Your personal data is disclosed to third parties only if you consent or there is a legal interest on the part of the Company.
In addition, the company may transfer personal data to third parties if it is required to do so based on legal regulations or a legally enforceable administrative or judicial decision.
Duration of storage of personal data.
The Company stores your personal data for the time necessary to provide access to the Site Services and Services
The Company’s partners, as well as for the duration of the company’s legitimate interest in storing this data.
In any case, the company deletes personal data, except that which must continue to be stored to comply with its legal rights.
Obligations (for example, mandatory retention periods).
Rights that Users have

1. Right to receive information. Users have the right to demand from the Company confirmation of the processing of personal data and their transfer to third parties.

2. Right to data correction. Users have the right to demand that the Company correct any incorrect or incomplete personal data belonging to them.

3. Right to erase data. Users have the right to demand from the Company the immediate removal of any
personal data if it is no longer required to achieve the purposes for which it was collected or processed and if it is deleted do not conflict with any other legal provisions.

4. Right to limited data processing. Users have the right to demand that the Company restrict the processing of their data.

5. Right to withdraw consent. Users have the right to withdraw their consent to the processing of their relevant personal data for any one or more specific reasons at any time, if the data processing is carried out on the grounds
express consent. If consent is withdrawn, it does not affect the lawfulness of processing carried out up to that point. time, since it was carried out on the basis of consent given before its withdrawal.

6. Right to refuse data processing. Users have the right to refuse the processing of personal data relating to them in
at any point in time, if data processing is carried out on the basis of the legitimate interest of the Company or a third party, for example, for the purpose of targeted marketing.

7. Right to Opt-Out of Receiving Marketing and Promotional Communications.

Users have every right to opt out of receiving marketing and promotional communications by sending an opt-out to:

Email: [email protected].


The Company is not responsible, to the extent permitted by law, for data or information distributed by Partners, as well as for any other types of damage that may arise on their basis. This applies to all types of claims, in particular claims resulting from error, delay, broadcast interruption, infrastructure failure, incorrect content, loss or deletion of data, the presence of viruses or claims arising in any other way when using the Site.

The site contains links to the websites of the Company's Partners who provide their services to Users. In this case, the Company will not is responsible for the content, correctness, legality or functionality of the hyperlinked Partner websites.

Users visit the websites of the Company's Partners at their own risk. The site contains links to the websites of the Company's Partners who provide their services to Users. In this case, the Company will not is responsible for the content, correctness, legality or functionality of the hyperlinked Partner websites.

Users visit the websites of the Company's Partners at their own risk.

Revision dated June 15, 2023.